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Relive the best England moments – this may be as good as it gets

August 21st, 2005 by · No Comments · Armchair Fan, Football

DVD: Germany 1 England 5, 2001

Watching this game again reminds you not just how far Sven Goran Erikssons star has faded in the following 4 years, at the time he was hailed as a genius by the Press, but also how finely balanced the game was until Gerrard’s goal before half-time. England conceded first, away to Germany who, incredibly, were unbeaten at home in 28 years. The rest of the first half has that tense, in the balance, atmosphere where every pass, every missed tackle, confirms that here is another defeat waiting to happen in, let’s be honest, a long line of them.

That?s what made the night itself such a transcendent experience for so many England fans. They had been through those same emotions, so many times, against the same opponents, that although there was a genuine belief that this England team of Owen, Beckham, Scoles, Gerrard, was potentially one of the best in a generation, the result would always be the same. Even as Owen equalised it was still just delaying the inevitable.

It was the look on German faces as they made for the tunnel at half-time, having just gone behind to a stonking shot from Steven Gerrard that first suggested that they might not have that unshakable self-belief that for years had enabled Germany to achieve competition results in excess of the apparent quality of the team. The second half is beautiful history but it’s also worth remembering that, although it was one of the rare occasions that a German team gave up on a game, practically the same squad, regarded by many German fans as the worst in memory, went on to the World Cup final in the following year.

Apart from the match itself the DVD contains:

  • Commentary by John Motson and Trevor Brooking
  • Mini-montages of action featuring Beckham, Owen, Gerrard, Heskey and Scholes
  • Montages of the goals
  • Highlights from the U21 qualifier
  • Interviews with Sven Goran Eriksson, David Beckham and others

This DVD is a fine reminder of a critical World Cup qualifier but also a reminder that Englands truly memorable games are the ones that highlight their failure at critical points. Where the most successful national teams have that edge born of self-belief, a belief that often sees them to the next level, England, more often than not, are eventually found wanting at those critical points in major competitions, opening group games, quarter-finals and, very occasionally, semi-finals. A gem of game, but a very rare gem.

DVD: England – Three Lions Roar [5 disc set]

If the DVD above isn’t enough to satisfy your lust for victory try this five disc boxed set. Gorge yourself on Germany 1 England 5, the 1966 world cup final, England 4 Holland 1 in Euro 96 and more. The 5 discs are titled, The Foot of God – Argentina 0 England 1 [from the 2002 World Cup], England’s Path to Portugal [Euro 2004 qualification], Germany 1 England 5 [World Cup 2002 qualifier], The History of England and England 4 Holland 1 [Euro 96]

In total you get 500 minutes [that's over 8 hours in new money] of winning England international football, surely enough for anyone. You also get a free 5ft England flag that you can hang out your window or tie to the aerial of your white van. Have it.

One for the missus: 1,500 German castle jigsaw

When the action starts in earnest it can be a difficult time for the lady in your life so to help out in those difficult hours [and a half] try this thoughtful gift. “Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter” will help to put the object of your obsession in a geographic context and help to pass the time between her beer runs from the kitchen to lounge.


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