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Eyes down for third round sales

December 26th, 2005 by · No Comments · Football, Tickets

From the 12th December until the 15th January you can join the hopeful hordes and register your interest in acquiring tickets for next years finals. This will be the third, of five, sales periods that the organisers have planned. As with previous sales periods registration is no guarantee of success and, as before, a ballot at the end of the sales period will identity the lucky 300,000 winners. The results of the ballot will be announced at the end of January. If the third period is anything like to the previous two Fifa can expect over 5 million applications. That?s a lot of disappointed people.

Those, many, unlucky enough to fail at this hurdle can try again in the fourth round of sales, starting in Feb and the fifth and final round, starting in May. Fifa are probably right in their stance that there is no fairer method of allocating tickets than what is effectively a lottery.

The demand for this round is expect to exceed even the huge over-subscription seen on the previous two rounds. Now the final World Cup draw has been made, and the match dates and venues confirmed, fans can start to plan where they need to be, and when, and to start thinking about travel and accommodation needs.


World Cup draw 9 December 2005

Third sales period 12 December-15 January

Ticket allocation ballot 31 January 2006

Conditional ticket allocation February onwards

Fourth sales period 15 February-15 April

Fifth sales period 1 May-9 July

World Cup tournament 9 June-9 July

Close to 3 million tickets will be sold for the finals covering 64 matches. That?s the total available after the hospitality and corporate allowances have been allocated. Many feel that Fifa have been, yet again, exceptionally generous in the hospitality area leaving ?genuine? fans out in the cold. As with previous tournaments many are pinning their hopes on these hospitality tickets forming the bulk of a thriving black market.

Such has been the level of interest in the tournament in Germany, and the demand for tickets, that ?alternative? methods of acquiring tickets seem inevitable. Fifa are confident that their plans to provide the first ?forgery-proof? tickets, each with the purchaser?s name, and the requirement to identify yourself at the turnstile will undermine any black market. With the demand so high, however, you would expect human nature to take hold and find some way for those who can afford it to pay whatever it takes to get what they need.

The tickets during all five sales rounds are divided into four different categories depending on how close to the centre lines and the pitch the seats are located. During the group games the highest price, Category 1, will be 100euros [?67] down to 35euros [?24] for Category 4. It should be born in mind that football attendance is generally a fraction of the costs of those in the Premiership. Most German clubs can provide a season ticket for less than a family of four would spend for the best Chelsea seats for a single match. Only at the final do prices look a little more familiar, from ?400 down to ?80.

If you are feeling lucky the application details can be seen below. If not there are dozens of ?re-sellers? springing up with promises of guaranteeing you tickets, albeit at hugely inflated prices [2,000 euros for a final ticket for example]. If you really have to be there and money is no object try Eurotickets [link at top of page].

Official Application details

The 2006 Fifa World Cup Ticketing Center [], based in Frankfurt, is operating as the principal seller of tickets to the general public worldwide.

Tickets are being allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis during five sales periods, with applications being processed in the order they are received. The third sales phase is between 12 December 2005 and 15 January 2006. The fourth period is 15 February until 15 April, while the final session will commence on 1 May and continue until the end of the tournament, though tickets are expected to be very scarce.

Ticket prices for group matches range from 35 Euros (category 4 seats) to 100 Euros (cat 1), while prices stretch from 55 Euros (cat 4) and 180 Euros (cat 1) for the quarter-finals, and 90-400 Euros for the semis.

The cheapest ticket for the final costs 120 Euros and the most expensive 600 Euros, while fans must pay between 65-300 Euros for the opening match of the tournament in Munich.

Fans were also given the chance to buy conditional (returned) tickets in November with the allocation phase for the first returned tickets beginning in February 2006. More than 61,000 applications for some 140,000 tickets were received.


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