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Getting there – England Group games

June 4th, 2006 by · No Comments · Football, Travel

The three group games take place in Frankfurt, Nuremburg and Cologne. Currently flights to Frankfurt cost ?175 from City airport and Heathrow with KLM, Easy Jet recommends the Cologne/Bonn from ?21 which makes it ‘easy’ to get to the Waldstadion in Frankfurt. Easy Jet offers Munich from ?32 as an alternative. BA are also offering an ?88 fair direct to Frankfurt. Expect all flights to increase in price as the games approach.

Check the map before you decide and don’t forget to factor in the car hire/taxi expense before dismissing the major airlines that fly straight to the cities. Alternatively, try the excellent German train system and fly to a nearby city. Cologne, for instance, is just over an hour away from Frankfurt by train, which is itself an hour away from Nuremberg.

Here’s some basic to help you to get the best out of each of the venue cities.

England v Parguay. 10th June Frankfurt 15:00

Frankfurt-am-Main, to use its full name, is the financial capital of Germany. It’s also known as 'Bankfurt' by local wags. As with any banking centre the city attracts global businesses and their staff and customers. You can hear a wide range of languages as you walk the streets – French, Italians, British and Spanish. As is the way with ‘bankers’ you never have to look far for the pole dancers and strippers. Strip bars dominate the area around the main train station.

When you are bored with naked dancing girls you can go for a beer. Sachsenhausen, the center for nightlife, have the English and Irish themed pubs that are sadly a feature of so many European cities and towns. If you don’t have tickets this is probably the best place to guarantee sight of the match and to sample some of the atmosphere. If you can’t be bothered with that have a look around Alt Sachsenhausen. The cobbled streets and crammed with the more traditional tiny taverns.

As an alternative to the beer try the local, very strong, cider Ebbelwoi. For food try the Handkase mit Musik, a local specialty of cheese and onions slathered in a green sauce.

England v Trinidad & Tobago. 15th June Nuremberg 16:00

The self styled ‘jewel of Germany’, Nuremberg is a beautiful walled medieval city with winding cobbled streets, marketplaces and dozens of churches. The river splits the old city in two, with an up market shopping district forming the south side.

The game takes place in the Franken-Stadion and next door is the notorious site of the Nazi rallies. There is no attempt to hide the past and you can visit the war-crimes courtrooms in Further Strasse 110, or the Documentatin Centre rally site in Bayernstrasse 110 which explores the history and mythology of the Nazi movement.

Local delicacy is Lebekuchen a gingerbread but no day out in Germany would be complete without sausage. The locals pile them in, 3 to a bun, and smother them in sauerkraut.

England v Sweden. 20th June Cologne 21:00

Cologne is a classy up-market town on the banks of the Rhine. A big draw for Germen tourists, it is a city of parks, tree-lined avenues, calming squares, churches and lots and lots of shopping. The city also has over 30 museums and the cathedral is a must.

Apparently there is quite a large Brazilian population so, according to the Observer, you can catch matches at the Cafe do Brazil on Wolf Strasse, just off the city centre, where owner Jose Datavo will ‘fix you up with excellent caipirinhas’. No fighting over the remote though.

The beer and snack landscape is, unsurprisingly lager and sausage, but try the distinctive pale, dry Kolsch lager and a ‘Halve Hahn’, bread roll stuffed with cheese and mustard.


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