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Beer and Burger BaaFee*

June 12th, 2010 by · No Comments · Features, Football

Just before we all get carried away by the miracle to come let’s take a little step sideways into what exactly we are being encouraged to ‘Get Behind’. The England football machine – The FA.


Rooney lends his vocal support to FA Respect campaign

Respect is The FA’s programme to address ‘unacceptable behaviour in football – on and off the pitch’. Well I guess unacceptable behaviour off the pitch would surely include; Adultery, Shagging the Staff, slandering rival national organisations, dipping your fingers into lucrative endorsement contracts despite being payed millions…

So you may ask whether the FA, serial offenders themselves, are the best judges of what constitutes unacceptable behaviour. Their main concern it seems is that ‘thousands of referees quit football every year because of the abuse they receive from players and from the sidelines’…

Well they might start at the top. When Rooney abuses a referee in a friendly, with the world watching, what happens? FA response – none. Team response – ‘he was lucky he didn’t get worse’ [Ferd]. Shameful.

The other concern that ‘Respect‘ addresses is the kids. They need protecting from the bad examples of their elders and betters. To be fair the supporting video does address one of the issues – Fat blokes spouting shite at games.

However, we’re not sure the key sponsors are on message. Roll up kids and see your heros pushing junk food and booze. The hypocrisy would be shocking if it wasn’t so tediously predictable.

Carlsberg Sponsors FA

Bar-Room Boxer and Drug Test dodger 'Get Behind' FA sponsor

So when you rush to the supermarket and wade through the Red Cross dog food, plastic cutlery and bikinis, just pause and think. Do you support the actions of the blazers, are you comfortable with the lifestyles and behaviour of the players whos mug shots push product? If the answer is no, have a think about what makes it all possible and who sustains it. That’s right – it’s you…Respect [yourself].

*BHHAPFI – Bill Hicks had a phrase for it – Baafee™ – No3

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