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Dirty Harry

June 28th, 2010 by · No Comments · Features, Football

'Ah, that's one thing about our Harry, doesn't play any favorites! Harry hates everybody'

Oh Harry, you just couldn’t wait, could you. While the corpse is still twitching Harry Redknapp throws his Pearly cap into the ring as he runs after the ambulance.

I’m surprised at Harry, and even more surprised that he beat the Sven/Anthol Still axis to the blocks.

For a start, the FA can’t afford the £6-10 mil to get rid of the Capo. They can’t afford to run a stadium without filling it with wobbly-ball fixtures and Boy Band get-back-togethers. Anyway, the manager isn’t the problem.

Looking at Ashley Cole and King giggling as the team bus headed for the airport it’s plain that the problem goes deeper than the coaching staff. The post match interviews with the captain, The Captain and the Lampshade were confirmation that it really doesn’t matter that much to these players.

Why spend time away from your multi-million pound crib, with romper room, and play for nothing? They can be at home, waited on by Models/Actresses/Whatevers, and avoid being reminded by a rabid press that they aren’t the stars that everyone close to them says they are. That’s no fun.

Give the Capo a chance to earn his ridiculous salary and clear the squad out for a total rebuild. And let’s hear no more about an ‘English’ coach/manager or I’ll have you sit in front of replays of Taylor failing to qualify, MacClaren doing Singing in the Rain and Glen Hoddle getting in touch with ‘the other side’ [and I don't mean the opposition].

But, you say, the Premier League is the ‘best’ in the world? Well, if you like watching teams like Manchester United play 2 or 3 englishmen, supported by the best global talent money can buy, and whooping Blackpool, then maybe.

Yeah, but, cos, the Germans all play in that crappy Bundesliga? Well, their clubs have to run on non-suicidal business plans, the tickets are less than half of Prem prices and the games are just as entertaining. That’s assuming you’re not a fan of our annual mercy killings of the likes of Derby and Watford. Maybe there is a connection between that sensible, sustainable, structure and the success of the German national team.

Boil me 'egg son

Back in yer box ‘Arry. Chearful cockney chappies aren’t going to solve the problem – and if they could I’d rather have Jamie Oliver.

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