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June 30th, 2010 by · No Comments · Features

Upstanding Members of the sporting community

BHHAFFI – oh, the wonderful world of schadenfreude. Three years ago Gillette tied their global marketing campaign to three upstanding members of the sporting community. Little did they know that upstanding members [honk] would wipe out the value of that, reputed, $300m investment. I give you Tiger Woods, Terry Henry and Rodger Federer.

First to fall was Tiger Woods. Not sure what the small print said but multiple paternity suits from Porn Stars probably wasn’t in there.

Next, the hand of Thierry Henry. Not content with cheating France into the World Cup at the expense of Ireland he then proceeds to play as badly as his compatriots. France were a disgrace in qualification and worse in the tournament. It was like stealing your mates girlfriend and then dumping her after two weeks.

And today, Rodger the tax dodger. Knocked out of Wimbledon and lacking the grace to mention his opponent while blaming everything from injuries to the loneliness of the long distance tennis jockey. No class.

These three are so grubby I wouldn’t buy a second hand razor from them. I can’t look at that foaming gel without viscous flash-backs to the tabloid headlines.


*BHHAPFI – Bill Hicks had a phrase for it – Baafee™ – No4

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