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Pot, Kettle and Wenger for England

February 25th, 2011 by · No Comments · Features, Football

Jon Miquel Toral Harper

As Barcelona President Sandro ‘declared war’ on Arsenal for poaching 16 year old Jon Miguel Toral Harper we couldn’t suppress a giggle. Was this the same Barcelona who have taken it in turns to say ‘Cesc would like it here, I’m keeping his boots warm’?

The latest culprit was Messi who last week chirped that he’d ‘love to play alongside Cesc Fabregas’. As Barca are €200m in debt maybe Arsenal should take him up on the offer and wave a cheque. He’d look nice in Red and White.

But what’s good for the goose was upsetting the gander as Sandro declared that “Legally they have done nothing wrong but it’s a little immoral. We don’t like it that clubs come in with offers of money just before they turn 16.” Was this the same Barcelona that approached England youth players Benik Afobe and Chuks Aneke last season?

He went on to flirt with the libel laws when subtly echoing the persistent slurs that have followed Wenger since he arrived in England. “There are two philosophies. Ours is to invest in our academy. The other is to fish all over Europe for kids of 15….”

All good fun but what got me excited is that the kid has an English mother. Yeah, if he’s as good as they say, and they regard him as the best ‘Cadete’ they have, he’d make an interesting addition to an England midfield. Now that Jack Wilshire is officially ‘England’s Future’ he might need some help from a fellow prodigy to share the attention and overblown expectations.

When Wilshire was 16 he was described by the Independent as the ‘New Gazza’. We all know what happened there but I think they meant in the talent sense. He’s been brought up in the right way at Arsenal and is unlikely to pop up drunkenly hawking curry and beer at armed stand-offs.

So maybe we should entrust all young England prospects to Wenger and let him hatch a new England team of talented, tactically aware, honest players. He might even fancy managing England once he’s finished his annual spat with Barcelona.

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